Saturday, February 11, 2012
gosh, i've been neglecting this space ever since i entered e social uni.

this is BAD.

so i've decided to revive it on my day :)

i took leave on 9 and 10 feb. lavish treat to myself.

so boss treated co to subway and a white choc cheesecake. felt so awkward when they sang e bday song. paiseh!

9 feb, xiaoyou took leave as well and we went back to nygh. we spent the entire afternoon there to unearth the numerous memories from different parts of e school. some things have changes, others remain the same. but i feel that there are more changes than not. well, at least the school still looks e same, and laoshi is still there :)

speaking of which, i was strangely nervous when i got to the dance studio. it's rly strange coz i just saw laoshi not too long ago at e NUS dance concert. but it felt so different returning to e dance studio. everything still looks e same and laoshi is still stationed there :)

and of course, she once again asked my most dreaded qn T.T

after that, we went tioheng@ntu alumni club house and sang for 2 hrs. xiaoyou went for her malay lesson and i went for MJ. but we were both rly late. xiaoyou ended up being 20 min late and i was stranded outside e dance studio and only watch verlao, ahelk, ah hong, apple and dhika killed e choreo. abit disappointed dat i din make it to dance w these awesome dancers again...

10 feb, xiaoyou and charms took leave oso, and we went for sentosa day play pass. entitles us to 15 attractions at $63.90. i had such awesome fun w these girls!!! although e attractions r really.............. to put it simply, if we were to pay e actual costs for all these attractions, we will be really pissed. hahaha but seriously, it was fun w them :)

11 feb, that's today! family in e day, korean bbq at night. will update.

*goodness, i've gotten rly rusty w this blogging thing... sighs...

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