Saturday, July 23, 2011
i had a very random dream.

ok, not exactly very random. it was about convocation. i realised at the very last minute that i wasn't in the right attire (no collars) and was in fact in a very casual outfit of my hot pink shirt and jeans (yes i can even rem that!). so mum and i went around the school shops to see if they're selling any formal wear (as if ntu has any... anyways e school setting doesn't even look remotely like ntu) but to no avail. den in e end i realised that all along it was tgt with my convo gowns -.- and then mama went missing so i had to search the school for her and when she was found, convo was over.

told my bro abt the dream and he said it must be dat i felt that i wasn't professional enough for this job (coz of the formal wear) but with time, i must have realised that it's actually all with me already, just that i haven't noticed it.

HAHAHA perhaps? perhaps?

aiya, im sure my convo will b smooth and we can all b out for drinks after dat :D
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