Sunday, July 31, 2011


officially graduated.

i really had tonnes of fun on 29 July, running around and attempting to take photos with the whole world. but of course, i didn't manage to capture everyone :C i would love to though. sighs.

these girls in the photo above probably have no idea how grateful i am towards them. as my family couldn't attend my convo, these girls acted like my proud sisters.

ah shu helped me wear my gown, her kor (mervin) helped me with my tie, they helped me with my safety pin and making me look presentable. ah shu also helped me w my motar board which i absolutely hated. ah shu also gave me her hand-made bouquet which i love so much. she's really good at making beautiful stuff.

ponyo and ah beng popped along with a lion soft toy, a glass of candy and 2 awesome chewy junior (i think i bought it so many times that they know i love it). they are like proud sisters overseeing their younger sister getting prepped up for convocation. they snapped polaroids and took pictures throughout my preparation process, showered me w words of congratulations.

:) i'm blessed to have them. really.

and of course, the 61ners touched me with their presence. the guys got xiu and i flowers (it's really rare LOL) and we just stood ard taking silly photos. now what surprised me the most was that they actually waited for my convo to end to bid farewell to me. my goodness. wad did i do to deserve all these love and kindness?

lastly, really glad to have my CS gang throughout. esp. josey for offering me a ride to ntu w her family :) MUCH NEEDED if not i'm gonna be super late. our constant whatsapping throughout the boring convo name-calling portion. our taking of tonnes of photos. our rubbish talk.

had the most awesome night w josey, mich and zx. after dinner and pre-drinking at newton circus, we headed to soul club where tim and gang were at. it was REALLY FUN. it's been a long time since i played w zx real glad that she came along.

well, i shall end off w the famous statement our great valedictorian made at the end of her speech:

we fucking made it!
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