Sunday, April 10, 2011

i can remember my dream! the images are super vivd!

in my dream i was in this room which seems pretty ancient, but it's not the creepy kinda ancient. it just gave me a very comfortable feel. i forgot who else were in the room with me. they are not important anyway.

in my dream, i was looking in the direction of the opened store room. no one else but I dared to get a closer look at those gleaming pair of eyes in the dark. when it saw me, it jumped up to a table in front of me and started rolling on its back. at first it looked like a cat with brown and white fur but i realised that it was a weasel! and it loved me a lot as it pounced onto me, climbed around me and allowed me to stroke it.

i could still feel the euphoria. i love animals.

i asked mum if i could keep it. and mum said if i let go of it (i guess i was carrying it then) and it doesn't run away, then i can keep it. however, when i let it go, it ran off. jumped across the moss covered rooftops and disappeared.

i wonder if there's any hidden meaning in this dream.

anyway, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A WEASEL AS A PET NOW. seems more likely than having an owl, hurh?

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