Saturday, February 05, 2011

my first ever surgery was on 1st February 2011.

and everything went smoothly.

well, just that i've got 2 operations done on my left knee. basically one on the front ligament and another on the side ligament.

e doc was saying my knee was buckling outwards T.T

seems like it's a good decision to have it done asap afterall! to prevent anything else from happening (i can b so reckless i know)

anyways, before i went for op, i actually wrote a sort of will.

nothing much really, just some of the things that i would like to say to my significant few.

and i asked one of my friends to be mentally prepared to post the note on facebook should i not b able to wake up from the surgery.

the best thing is, i survived.


the note shall just remain as a fragment of my memory, for now.

from now onwards,

anything and everything can only be better.

coz the most difficult day is only yesterday.

happy new year!

*though i dun celebrate it since 3 years ago
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