Friday, December 31, 2010

finally. we're coming to an end of 2010.
i'm not saying that it has been a particularly bad year for me, but it has not been extremely good too.

internship took up a good half of my 2010. i've learnt, no qualms about that. and i'm thankful for e experience.

year 2010 made my dreams come true with GSS in Japan. that has got to be the best part of my year :)

most excruciating experience will be my first ever serious injury acquired through dance. it was hard to endure the different pains. and i'm still suffering from it, albeit on a smaller scale. time heals. as always.

Inner Reflexion III is my first baby with Keke. we've survived the many challenging issues and emerged relatively successful. seriously dunno wad i'll do without Keke :) she's the one.

relationships wise, year 2010 has brought me on a roller coaster ride. sometimes it was really fast. sometimes it came to an absolute standstill. sometimes it was slow and gradual. sometimes it was gruesomely shaky and ugly. sometimes it was purely sweet and divine. nevertheless, i'm grateful. things happen for a reason or two. i just wish for a calmer year ahead.

someone told me that i should have some new year resolutions. well, a new beginning beckons some new changes to the old self. so here's 3 and i hope that they won't be made in vain.

1. be more motivated in life
2. be more positive in life
3. learn to believe

all else aside... we're all gonna walk into a new beginning in 6 hours' time. it's gonna be so bright that we won't know what's in front of us. but that doesn't matter as we never knew anything about the future. so let's just bring with us whatever we have, and welcome the new year, 2011.

it's gonna be a better year ahead. coz the only tough one was yesteryear.

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