Wednesday, October 13, 2010
this sudden revelation that i had stemmed from smtg really random.

i only brought a box of tissue to hall, but lots of tissue packets. i kept on using the tissue from tissue box when i'm in the room, until i realised that it seems to be finishing. hence i started conserving coz i dun wanna buy any boxes of tissue. i started using tissue packets when i'm in the room starting from the day before.

until today, i realised that all along, i've been conserving just 2 pieces of tissue in the tissue box.

have i been holding on to something that is not worth being held on to all along?

i splurged the tissue packets coz i've lots to spare but conserved on the tissue box coz i've only one. but in the end the conscious effort of saving on the tissue box tissue did not pay off.

will this happen in real life as well?
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