Monday, September 06, 2010


yesterday i dreamt that the present me went back to look for the 5 year old me at my very first dance school.

the timeline was a little wrong (since i only started proper dancing at 7) but it was so very real. I was sitting amongst the audience, watching little me dancing with the rest.

and gosh, i was far from good. although i'm far from good as of present but i'm definitely better than last time. i stumbled and stunned when i forgot my actions, which actually happened most of the time.

at the end of the rehearsal, our dance principal sat us all down and (for some strange and totally random reasons) commented that little me has the potential to become a great DJ. perhaps that's her subtle way of saying that little me will never become a good dancer.

after which, i went up to the little one, who stared at me with her pretty eyes (well, at least i thought so! hehe). i rubbed my face against hers and told her to jiayou and that i will jiayou as well.

i left after that and went into the old storage place for costumes (that must be due to my recent bombarding of emails to search for costumes). my dance teacher who happens to be my present dance teacher in NTU came in and asked me to help with her search. so i did.

shortly after that, i woke up.

i told my brother about it. it was so real and fascinating. perhaps it did happen! my brother asked me to return to that dream tonight to warn little me about 2nd Sept 2010, for that was my first time sustaining a serious injury from dance. he said that next day, perhaps my crutches will disappear and everything will be back to normal.


i love dreaming.
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