Monday, August 23, 2010

a happy person has a bad memory for unhappy happenings

Dear Blog,

here we go again. i'm sorry for breaking up with u. i'm regretting this on a random day in school when there's no one online that i'm interested to talk to and there's no one accompanying me. now, i'm turning to u asking for ur forgiveness. i would love to pick u up again. i'll try my best to learn to love u whole heartedly.

let me tell u wad happened during the period of break-up. i had the trip of my life in summer 2010. finally,i got to visit dreamland Japan. it was beyond fabulous. till now, i still can't help but think that it's my best dream ever. everything, and i meant everything. when i came back, i felt that i just woke up from my sweet slumber.

all the photos are with our friend, FB. she's been an awesome companion during our break-up. she aids me with the healing and records my daily dream. FB is real fun, she decided to call the albums 'itravel' coz all my photos are taken with iPhone. speaking of which, iPhone has been a lil' cranky on me too. I guess it's angry with our break up, till the extent that it refuses to listen to my commands and dies on me frequently.

tml marks the 2nd week of my return to reality. reality is made fabulous coz of dance. i miss it a lot when i was in hibernation. my body was aching all over coz i was too stiff from hibernation and i had some bruises. but the feeling of being able to dance is enough to make up for it all :)

and here comes my random comment of the day. is it me, or are more ppl ard me asking me to get a bf?! even the nanyang house office auntie said that to me today! (just coz i was telling her that i need to wake up at 4plus in the morning tml to get ready for YOG perf and i told her that i'm gonna travel alone). oh man... Blog, u know best how hard it is yar? wells, let's just go with nature and destiny. if it'll happen, it'll happen.

*choosy... hmmm... am i really? i just want someone who bothers to understand me and someone whom i bother to understand. but none has been truly mutual. in this huge library of books, i've skimmed through many but only to find none that truly got me hooked like an addiction. perhaps it's not time yet...

oh man, school is starting. and i haven't gotten a hall. it feels like year 2 all over again. i shall pay a visit to hall 2 later and see what i can get from them...

btw Blog, i got an A- for GSS Jap! ^.^ not bad at all for someone who slacked so much!

P.S. if i were to be a bean, i'll like to be a jellybean :) for no good reason at all.

P.P.S. Shin Megami Tensei is AWESOME!!! yes yes, it's another new DS game x) i wanna play pokemon black/white too!

Yours Truly,

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