Wednesday, February 17, 2010
went malaysia again!

watched percy and the lightning thief... totally shot in a harry potter style. but well, i didn't like e stars in the show so *shrugs* can't feel the connection. anyways, it's just RM9 per person. =) love spending in JB.

oh there's a new place called My Box in the Giant shopping center. It's amazing that they actually charge by per hour as well! RM15 for an hour. DAMN WORTH IT. how could we resist? so we went K for an hour before our movie. oh ya could even choose to sing a song! there're K boxes (literally) at their shop front area and ya could pay RM1 for 1 song or RM10 for 13 songs. e song selection is great, e touch screen is great, but hmmm... the sound system is e one dat has quite a bit of catching up to do. ah, shan't complain. i'll definitely come back again =D

went da ma hua yuan for dinner and omg saw a damn cute guy hahaha. and a lot of cute kittens and cats.

oh, wed = work. ah well, time to move my fat ass.

afterall, i've dance to look forward to.

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