Sunday, January 31, 2010
watched 14 blades today and it's a great show!

i love shows with lots of fighting scenes. this one really satiates me.

but also because there are so many great fighting scenes, the supposedly finale fight was not up to my standard. felt that it was a little watered down and could have been more exciting.

love the actors and actresses in the show, totally.
Zheng Zi Dan is definitely not the shuaiest person but he's definitely the most seh person in this movie. HE IS DAMN FARKING COOL. and he can really fight!
Zhao Wei and Xu Zi Shan are pretty, Wu Zun is goddamnit shuai.

Ok end of bimbo comments. Time for some wiseR words.

I felt that the script could have been more wen2 yan2 wen2 instead of being so bai2 hua4. I understand that Singaporean Chinese are totally proficient in Chinese *coughs* but still, worse come to worse, just get potatoes to read subtitles? It's in English, fyi. I felt that since the show is suppose to depict that period of time, they should try to use chim-er words as well!

Ah well, perhaps I'm just too anal. It's just a movie anyways.

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