Sunday, December 27, 2009
it dawned upon me that i'm quite a stubborn person.

take driving for example. i dunno why but my innate nature always takes over and refuses to follow my instructor's advice. i have no idea if i'll be able to pass tml. but somehow i'm veiled by this overwhelming serenity.

think i might have reached a whole new level of zen.

another example. playing games. i fought the boss in my own way. i kept complaining how hard it is to fight. and indeed i spent a lot of time for this stage. oh oh gave me advice that i didn't heed.

today, i won. using my own way. but perhaps if i were to be less stubborn and heeded oh oh's advice, i could have won at least few days ago.

so now i wonder. is being stubborn, persistent and decisive an asset or a liability?

how i wish i could be more flexible.


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