Thursday, December 31, 2009

a brand new year is near.

and yes i know that rhymes.

so now i've posted myself a question.

what are the 5 most memorable things that happened to me in 2009?

here goes.

1. dancetitude

if not for dancetitude, i guess it's hard for me to fall in love with MJ.

THANKS DANCETITUDE. such a pleasure to be involved.

2. shychyrazzy

if not for dancetitude, shychyrazzy will never be formed (i think).
THANKS DANCETITUDE. for gathering us from different walks of life and putting us together.

3. my collabo 21st party with bro

if not for bro's invitation to hold a party with him at minds cafe, i won't hold one coz it's too expensive to do it alone.
THANKS LKY AKA BRO. let's celebrate our birthdays tgt someday.

4. jdc 2009

if not for jdc, i will not have the chance to prove that chinese dancer can handle both chinese dance and hiphop at the same time.
THANKS JDC. and all those who supported me along the way.

5. bangs

if not for trice, i dun think it'll occur to me to have bangs, which really suits me well.


bye 2009!

hello 2010!
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