Saturday, December 05, 2009

after abandoning the wheel for 3 months, i went behind it and tackled it all over again.

all i want for christmas is to pass my driving. *cross fingers and toes*

anyway, on e way back i suddenly had a craving for ice cream so i went for it before i stopped myself out of guilt again. it was yummy and it came as a little pleasant surprised that the cone was fresh and crisp. =)

i was just savouring it and walking all over the void decks. the wind was cooling, the ice cream was perfect, i still rem how to drive, someone keeps feeding me random facts, my exams are ending (and i totally dun give a damn to whether i'll pass jap or not coz i noe i'll fail) and i'm gg off to genting w shychyrazzy, i can reunite w dance, meet all my beautiful friends and sleep till my heart's content and the best part is, my suffering is COMING TO AN END!

i've no idea what's with the sudden burst of happiness but, isn't it great? coz i felt genuinely happy! like all of a sudden!
hehe. x)

yingying is happy! like a rainbow!
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