Saturday, May 30, 2009

have not watched a good jap anime movie in a zillion years.

here's a great one- Summer days with Coo

Quite lengthy but u won't feel that it's THAT lengthy unless u were really sleepy and refused to fail the movie and insisted on watching till the end, like brother and i did.

Love the storyline... There's just too many people everywhere and there's nowhere for the non-human beings... Like Coo.

The world is like a sponge and we're like water particles. Some evaporate but some will be added in the process. Soon, the sponge will be heavy and damp with water.

And let's see what'll happen then.

Oh after watching the show, I felt bit sad coz it gave media a bad name. Shrugs. Not that I'm ignorant of that fact but well, it's being slapped right into your face... again. Hahaha...

Passed m5 and m9... Still need to go for 1 day base camp, do a case study group work, financial planning and interview.

Internship taught us not to use the words which spells uncertainty. So i'm gonna say.

I'll do it. CERTAINLY.

And not at the expense of dance!!! I WANT!!!
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