Sunday, May 24, 2009

14 years and counting =)

Addressed to the best bunch of old friend one could ever have...

Hey ppl,

As I left u guys today, a particular line of lyrics struck me. And I felt that it perfectly describes my feelings now. English songs junkies I dunno whether u've heard of this song called 'God's Will' by Martina Mcbride, but anyways here goes;-

And we'd all laugh like I hadn't laughed
Since I don't know when

Honestly, I've forgotten when's the last time I truly laughed because I truly wanted to. Yesterday till today, I felt it... and I realised my ability to laugh from the heart isn't lost. It's just buried by the turmoil that I've been through and I admit, am still going through.

It's going into the month of june and memories have been flowing back recently. Most of the time I'm just emo more than anything else. I'm a very good actor, in case some of you didn't catch it heh (i'm not blaming you coz I'm really good!). One of my friends even commented that there's a need to form parasocial bond with me (which means that my off-screen and on-screen 'media' personality can be rather different). But yesterday, I knew right from the heart that I ain't acting. I felt that I was back to those times when things were going well and everything was great. I was truly happy.

And I thank you for making me happy.

As I was on my way home, I concluded that our friendship is amazing. Just amazing. We could 'stay away' from each other and not stay in constant contact but once we get together, we just clique perfectly. It must be the old friends thing, no?

You guys are like my only friends who've witness me when I'm at the top of the world and when I'm at the pit bottom of it. I think i've not mentioned it but I was really glad to have your company and concern during the times when I needed them most. The cards, the smses, the calls and the thoughts... just constantly reminded me that I'm not alone... but technically speaking I am... we all are. But we make special bonds throughout our life and the bonds I share with you guys are one of the strongest covalent bonds ever.

And you can only imagine how thankful I am for the bonds... Really.

I'm sure you guys have been through ups and downs in your lives but we just don't hold a sharing session... or rather heart-to-heart-talk when we meet so I kinda dun really know about your stuff. But just wanna tell you guys that whenever you all need me, pls feel free to contact me k? I'd love to be there for you too.

Oh freak I got the Alex disease... Emo letter above. Can't blame me k just wanna share with you guys. Yups... that's about it.

Once again, thanks.

Some personalised msgs...

Phil: u din bid goodbye!!!!!
Guoyou: pls dun eat chicken rice for breakfast
PK: stop treating your home as a hotel!!!
Shihan: always wear the watch like u wear ur necklace k! =)
Alex: happy 21st to the birthday boy =)

=Ying Ying=YY=Bubbles=

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