Friday, March 06, 2009

random NTU trivia

- Honestly, the chocolate truffle cake at Quad and Cafe Alfresco is the best I've ever had.
$3 per slice, and there are raisins inside!

- Apart from EEE building, my clique decided that there are at least 10 other spots in NTU to jump from, say the link bridge between this north spine building and canteen A.

- CS lecture theatre is the best as there is power point at every single seat, which provides a convenient way out of boring lectures and into the cyber world of fantasies.

- Nanyang House has the cleanest and nicest toilets.

- 2 suicide cases at NTU in a week's time. And personally I've heard an NTU girl died of heart seizure this week as well.

- Strolling around NTU at night aimlessly is really relaxing =)

- But don't think about deaths and ghosts while doing so.

- Only Malay food and Yong Tau Foo is edible in Canteen B.

- The YTF aunties prefer guys to girls (and it shows in their service, really)

- The best place to be in NTU is Nanyang House Dance Studio.

- Actually, everywhere is great as long as I'm with my fav. ppl =)

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