Monday, February 16, 2009
it was yesterday that i realized that this year, the year when i make my official entrance into adulthood, that i didn't blog right on my birthday.

well, adults are busy, aren't they(we)?

apologies for the late entry. though late, thanks are still to be issued.

i spent the last few moments of my 20 in hall 2 dance studio with hall 2 dancers. just dropped by to see their progress for hall dance. and i was really shocked to hear them singing happy birthday to me when i stepped in. the wonders of fb, though i'm sure jade told them as well. =) i left at exactly 11.55pm and headed back room.

12.00am. Thong is the 1st person i saw when i'm 21. I told her that i felt that she will have good luck because i saved my first moment for her. =) wanted to give it to xin but i was scared that she's busy w work, WHICH she is not. After I bathed, zixin came to my window and said she brought a live size present for me. I opened the door and to my utter horror, WEIGUO was standing right there. HAHAHA it was freaking funny. of course, that's a JOKE. anyway they took me to src area and butters and satsat were waiting there.

it was a surprise birthday party! xin actually made small black witch like hats for all of them and wrote names on it! she made this big blue party hat for me also! haha and on top of that, they made me a birthday banner! really sweet of them to do so. we ate haigen daz rum and raisin ice cream as birthday cake (it was yummylicious and creamy coz it was melting haha) and after that, butters suggested for me to do 3 stupid things =S
1. asked 3 random ppl who were running on src tracks to sing me a birthday song
2. this is the funniest. walked up to this random angmoh guy doing yoga and sat down to do 5 sit-ups (he said he was impressed by my sit-ups... =S)
3. get a random hall guy to take photo with me.
so this hoo-haa went on till 2 plus and we all went back room to sleep.

the day went past as per normal. it was my busy day, full of lessons and work. gerald came for marketing project so we skipped lesson to have dinner with him. went at 8pm for dance. got lots of birthday wishes.

after dance, i told qianyi that i wanted to take 21 dance photos and asked her to take with me. so we did. while we were at our say 4th pose, the dancers opened the door (by accident) and i saw yue ling jie jie outside and i knew that they're gonna do smtg. Shortly, they burst into the room w a birthday cake from Quad (QUAD HAS FREAKING NICE CHOC CAKES, TRUST ME) and sang me a birthday song. =) it was a very sweet surprise really. and after that while we were continuing our 21 dance photos mission, they were working on this huge board that they made for me. I'm gonna take a picture of it but fyi, it's some photos of some dance members holding a photo of me plus their messages to me. and i TOTALLY LOVE THE IDEA. honestly! i love crazy quirky things like this x)

e next day i woke up to sweet scent of rose. someone got it for me! haha damn sweet. =) and later that day i got another rose and present from apple. thanks so much as well! =)

v day was nothing. but 15th feb was great.

I spent almost the whole week getting 21 things for brother's 21st birthday present. the theme was back to school and the stuff i bought are all things that he'll need for school. =) hope he'll like it! at the same time, i was preparing keke's 21st present as well, and the theme is food. =)

hope u all like the presents!!!
(shit another one to prepare... SOON)

anyway 15th feb 09 was kangyu (brother) and my birthday party. held it at mindscafe purvis street from 5.30pm to 10.00pm. reason being that even if some friends of ours dunno each other, nothing will stop them from sitting at the same table and playing board games which will keep them far from bored. food is available as well and they're really nice. the staff are very friendly and put up birthday deco for us. a special board was made for our friends to sign on them. i never had such a great party before =)

oh and written on our cake was "21 years younger" and we had 21 candles.
i totally love the idea coz i'm the one who came up with it HAHAHA
oh yar and that day was kangyu's real brother's 14th birthday! so we lit 14 of the candles and sang song for him as well! =) very sweet of brother.

went from table to table and game to game and time flew past just like this. went home with lots of shopping bags and felt really pleased carrying them around coz it seems like i've just gone on a crazy shopping spree. x) and i loved it!

special entry for presents!


thank you. thank you. thank you.
if i could say a trillion zillion thank yous, it will all be for you all, friends.

and last but not least.
brother, let's toast to our 21st.
cheers =)
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