Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hall 2 proudly presents...

Honestly, better than last year's production.
Plot might be a little generic but altogether it was really well-put.
The actors and actresses did a good job as well.
I love Leslie and Dwight in particular. The actors really brought out the characteristics of those 2.
I LOVE PROPS AND SETS! (not rock and roll haha)
Fun-loving ppl full of nonsense x)
we made noise, we made mistakes, but shit happens anyways.
we still did a good job nevertheless =)
there goes my 1st time helping out backstage (right?)
it was really fun. but somehow being on stage is better heh.

went for supper at geylang w random ppl (mostly hall dancers + satsat + yang) and reached home at 2am.

suddenly, i feel like doing e 25 random facts thing and well, i shall gratify myself!

1. My big cat and mama cat are rivals and are fighting now. One on top of e bookshelf and the other on top of the printer.
2. I don't know why my printer is not compatible with my lappie.
3. My desktop comp. died.
4. I shall not buy desktop comp again.
5. I read Seventeen... occasionally.
6. I haven't been doing anything substantial since Week 1 of Sem 2.
7. I really dunno when's recess week.
8. I've work to do now but I'm procrastinating like shit. As ever.
9. My little Chi chi is staring at me from atop the display shelf.
10. My face seems to be peeling a little! why!!!
11. I finished the book Coraline a few days back and I can't wait for the movie to be out.
12. I just learnt how to eat salmon sashimi and jade told me that I eat them really slowly heh.
13. I tried thinking of an appropriate chirstian name for myself but none seems to suit me.
14. I woke up at 12.05pm today.
15. My translation assignment is opened in another window, totally untouched and totally due tml.
16. Kao and I hate lousy chocs and even if they're ex but lousy, we throw them away.
17. I only like Nachos chips. Other kinds of chips I don't really like them.
18. I try not to eat after 9pm.
19. I still dunno wad to do in the near future.
20. I still need to get a driving instructor.
21. I'm turning into this number soon... 3 days' time.
22. Can't believe how time flies.
23. I'm quite far from gullible... I believe.
24. I used to think that it's abit bad to say stupid ppl are well stupid but... i realised i can't stand stupidity as well.
25. Not that I'm smart though.

not to the music but, to do my work really.

nachos! =D
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