Monday, October 06, 2008

plethora of movies... NOT

painted skin
honestly... boring. watched in malaysia and of course the ticket price is awesome so i guess that kinda made it up for the movie. it would be painful if we actually spent good whole 30 bucks on such a movie. one comment- the actresses' eyes (including calefare's) are BIG. like... BIG. perhaps they thought it's aesthetically appealing but over doing it is not the way. too little showcase of the fox spirit taking out her human skin and painting on it. it doesn't have to be gory, c'mon. i'm sure they could have done it in an artistically strangely drawing-ur-attention way yet depict it as inhumane at the same time.

stark contrast with the previous, I LOVE IT. this is really what i call a captivating and keeping-u-at-the-edge-of-ur-seat movie. packed with heart-stopping breathless moments and yet with humor injected at the right times, this movie honestly keeps u awake even when u slept at 2.30am and woke up at 7.30am for entire day of lectures+tutorials+tuition. Big S (oh-she's pretty) and Louis Koo (oh-he's gorgeous) are good, at least that's what i feel. the movie is about 2 hrs and yet time flew when u're at it. i like the title connected. the call connected 2 strangers, 2 worlds (of good and evil, innocent and guilty), 2 storylines and last but not least, impressive characteristics (heart-warming, heart-throbbing, heart-stabbing, heart-chilling...) MUST WATCH

what will u do when dreams and reality merge? how would u feel when u are unable to tell reality from lies? what do you think of being able to see people's dreams? or even, experience it. how about being trapped in it? psychotic, fearsome, mad, unsettling are the words i'll pick for this movie.
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