Friday, August 08, 2008
yeahra is a maaaaaaad og man.


yeehan jioed the entire OG to the pool ytd for some diving thrill.

thrilling indeed.

nv thought i'll jump coz i'm not very good with waters.

but still, i jumped.

the moment i hit the waters, it seems like it's never ending. like i'll never surface again.

it's just a perception.

but it seems so real that for a moment, you believe in it entirely.

but the perception will be over its time eventually.

and the truth will surface (so will you)

and dominates your world again.

i wonder what makes me jump.

the cheers? the pressure? the not-so-secret longing to commit suicide via falling?

or just simply for the fun and thrill of it?

the next time i do it.

i shall not wear contacts and i shall not shut my eyes.

perhaps i will witness how near death is like.
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