Thursday, June 12, 2008
i truly regret for being such an ingrate and actually harboured such thoughts.

i shld have demolished these thoughts. no, i shld nv have harboured such thoughts.

and yet it's a fact that i did.

i actually wondered why i need my mum.

now i know why.

coz in her eyes, u will always be her little kid. and being a normal homo sapien, there are times when we (even though we're in our 20s now) feel like gg back to being a kid. and yet to other ppl in the world, not behaving as ur age simply goes against the social stigma, and it's probably nt very much tolerated else where.

while in her presence, u can always do so. coz u're forever her kid.

u can always run to her when u've nightmares. u can always run to her when u're hungry. u can always run to her when u need a hug. u can always run to her when u're tired (probably wont b running then since u're tired). u can always count on her to b there when u need her.

*notice i din write 'run to her when u need an advice' coz that's wad i most probably will not do based on my past personal experience*


to my mummy.. i'm urs forever and u're mine.

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