Friday, May 09, 2008
ah well. typing w 1 hand only so dun expect this to b a lengthy entry. in e 1st place, most of my entries r kinda short n pleasant 2 read arent they? hahaha

oh juz finished jap lesson. Fujita sensei rocks. she's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kawaii. i love her teaching. kinda deja vu now... eating subway again, juz like e tue dat juz passed. waiting 4 yanxuan to choreo dance.

Ok I've put down my sandwich coz i suddenly felt like typing. Haha anyway I'm having subway melt + white chip macadamia for dessert and listening to Bleach OSTs. THEY'RE NICE! =) love times alone like this. Of course I'll need my darling lappie as well.

Ah well ytd Mum sent a tabby to e vet. She's been feeding it and sorta adopted it since god noes when. It's a she and ah well she got injured in the leg and e vet said she might be having a fever. I was kinda irritated ytd by the way they do things. They told mum (or perhaps it's mum... who knows) that it's either operation for the injured cat OR euthanasia. WTFH LAR OK. Just because of a wound on the leg DOESN'T MEAN THAT she's gonna die or smtg. Euthanasia my foot. After that we 'dealt' w the vet and we realised that even he doesn't know if the cat requires operation or not.

WTFH is with these ppl? Yes it's a fact that my mum doesn't understand English and speaks Chinese BUT SO WAD?! That doesn't give you the right to LIE does it? In any case you SHOULD explain the details and procedures TRUTHFULLY and CAREFULLY to the owner and not simply say " Oh it's 500 bucks for op or death"

What is life to you? Have you forgotten why you wanted to be a vet?
For $ ONLY?


Anyway we might be keeping this stray tabby. Let's see how things go.

Oh btw watching this HK serials now DAMN FREAKING NICE. It's called 原来爱上贼 and Liu Song Ren is damn freaking stylish in it. Ma De Zhong is still shuai. But ah well somehow I prefer the 贼 gang. FREAK SMART. Love heist.

Ok back to bleach-ing =)
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