Saturday, April 05, 2008
Watched this Disney Channel Movie called True Confessions recently (yes... embracing movies albeit having little time left to study for my exams. But i just CANT resist movies)

Trudy 'Tru' Walker thought she had the worst life ever and having a father who was always working, a mother who never took her side, and a mentally challenged twin brother didn't help. But when Tru gets a chance to follow her dream and star in a TV Show, she finds out what it really means to be a family.

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Anyway I feel that the relationship between Tru and Eddie (her retarded brother) is really sweet. She is so very patient, tolerant and protective of him. He is so very loving and innocent. I rem Tru saying that she learns a lot from Eddie everyday, including the essense of happiness. He always seem happier than anyone else, so Tru said.

There is this particular scene which made me feel truly sorrowful and teary. It touched and stunned me. Tru was filming Eddie who is running along the beach trying to get the kite into the sky. However, he does not know the technique and ends up kneeling down on the beach, crying and reprimanding the kite.

"Stupid kite... it's the stupid kite... He must be retarded"

Amidst sobs and sorrows.

He knows he is different. He wants to change. And yet, he can't.

But he is a lucky child with a wonderful family and blessed with a caring sister who is so close to him. And he is generally happy.

Be happy with what you have. And treasure them dearly.

That brings me to a question: If 2 lives were in danger and you've all the resources you need to save only ONE of them, who will you save? An old man or a retarded child?

My answer is a retarded child. Who are we to judge that he will lead an unhappy and unsatisfied life? Just because he is retarded does not mean that he cannot bring joy to himself and people around him. Who are we to judge his value of life? Just because he is retarded that does not put devalue his life.

As for not saving the old man, ah well, he had his fair share of life, no?

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