Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lost, in a reverie of thoughts

26th April 2008

I was reading Fahrenheit 451 on the way to meet my friend for mayday concert 08.

And the magic of words grasped my soul.

I nv thought that anyone could be blessed with such powerful ability.

The ability to play around with words, using them as tools to manipulate heart strings.

The ability to master such technique, weaving simple alphabets to give a sturdy blast.

The ability to describe the undescribable (so we thought).


As I was walking alone the seemingly endless stretch of path
It was as if the time has stopped
The rush of people pushing past me
Towards the opposite direction
It was as if I was invisible
Or were they hopelessly blinded
Bound to their own world.

In a few hours' time,
the depressed soul will be shifted
shoved gently to the corner of the mind.
As the spirit soars to take its place
egged on by the spirits surrounding
A stage of unfathomable euphoria
Lost, over the 5 singing and playing on stage
dob: 11-02-1988
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city: singapore