Friday, March 21, 2008

The past few days were madness man. Performance after performance after performance. And I didn't just blow it up or exaggerate. I meant it literally, perf after perf after perf. Last sunday was h2o perf for x physique, tue was h2o perf for hall 2 cultural night, wed was chi dance perf for nanyang awards night and thrus was JDC 08. It was great fun though! And I enjoyed every min. of it.

Just that ah well, all things come to an end. And an end leads to another beginning.

EXAMS ARE COMING!!!!!! *shrieks* Seriously scary this time round. Totally nv attend management lecture at all. And according to edmond there IS a lot to mug. WIN.
I am the sum of my memories
I like that. Got it from Terence's blog. Thks! =)
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