Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Birthday gifts! =D In order!!!!!

Thks Ah Beng for the customized sketch pad! ^^
Thks mum dad and oh oh! =D

Omg basically my CS clique really like played a trick on me. For the whole day they pretended that it's just any other normal Monday lor. Then I really thought that they've forgotten my birthday! Actually to speak the truth I was a little miserable. Kept like self-consoling hahaha. It was really funny. Kevin and I were surfing blogs n youtube after lunch and he happened to ask me abt the '11' in my blog add. So I said that was my birthday and he asked which month was it. He nearly gave it away. Hahah so funny but well I didn't suspect anything really. Oh and I didn't feel like eating lunch dat day coz I had heavy breakfast then as they had to pretend that they've forgotten my birthday, Zixin told me later on (when they gave me a surprise) that she felt a bit 'xin1 tong1' when she saw that I nv eat. Hahaha v cute lor! Then after lunch we went lib and as I needa charge my laptop I sat on the floor beside the powerpoint (coz there're no other available seats w powerpoint.) Then later on Edmond was like 'wah u just now sat on the floor i was like... omg bdae gal sit on wee nam's floor, how pathetic sia' haha somehow it's just funny. Anyway, after my lesson I went to the lib. Felt damn sian and so like ard 6 I msg Zixin and asked whether she's interested in gg JP with me coz I was damn bored and felt like buying myself a pair of shoes as a bday gift for myself. After that Zixin told me that Edmond and her chua sai after seeing my msg coz they were at JP getting prezzies for me! Hahah then they were afraid of me gg JP and 'caught them in e act'. Then Zixin lied and said that she's returning to hall and gg back JP to pass smtg to her frens. So I was in hall trying to sort out my BM stuff when someone knocked and handed me a brown envelope. I was a bit puzzled then after I open it's like OMG Gerald drew me! It's like damn freaking nice! His drawing is super xiang1! I really like Woohoo! Haha then after that Edmond called me trying to buy time with all that interview guide stuff! haha then Kevin Zixin and him came to surprise me at my doorstep! =D It was damn cool. I really thought they've forgotten! Was really touched. ^.^ After that went can2 for dinner and we headed for Kbox!!! Btw FYI CCK Kbox closed down already. So we went to the clementi's branch and sang all the way from like 9.45pm till 3.00am. It was freaking fun. I've thoroughly enjoyed myself. =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

Gerald's drawing of me!!! Haha according to Trice, Zixin and Edmond they started planning this like 2 wks b4 my bday. Coz one day at Can A Zixin brought her cam and started taking close up photos so that Gerald can do his stuff. =) THKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUNFLOWER! Damn freaking nice I love sunflower! =)

This is incredible. It's a swatch watch given by my CS clique. From the look of it I know that it's freaking ex. Really ps to accept this... It's really totally awesome. Super pretty. Thanks so so so so so much dears! But the coolest thing is that, you all remembered. x)

Thanks to Trice, Zixin, Edmond, Josey, Kevin and Gerald.

S-Club 7

Thks to Jiaying and Yangthong for e lovely lovely lovely card! =D

Thks Shili SP, Noob Boon and Biscuits BG for the chocs from Candy Empire! They're freaking nice! I'm getting real fat! >.<

Butters!!!!!!! Miaow~ I know u dun really like miaows but woohoo! Thks for this lovely gift! I always wanted smtg like that. A cat pouch or smtg but always nv buy heh =D Bubbles love it!


Qianling! I love u and I miss u!!! =(
Lion Kor! =) Is it so obvious that i like butterflies? Haha thksss

I'm super blessed. Like damn blessed. It's like I dunno what I've done to deserve such nice stuff from my friends! Perhaps I've been like a 100% good person in my previous life.

Thank you all who remembered.


This yr, I received tonnes of sms and FB msgs. REALLY TONNES! I've saved each and every one of them! LIST OF HONOUR! x)

1. Puppy! (Before 12am somemore haha)

2. Lu Ling @ exactly 12am!

3. Xiaoyou @ exactly 12am as well! =D

4. Qianling!

5. Liam aka Yue Lin Jie Jie

6. Karleng!

7. Trice aka Roomie who acted blur e next day hahah!

8. Fish!

9. Xiu!

10. Da Jie!

11. North!

12. Princess!!!! At 12 noon! hahaha creative =D

13. Peihan aka Di aka Ah Qiang!

14. Hanbao!

15. XM aka Mei!

16. Sathish!

17. Keke! x)

18. Kangyu aka Brother who, as I planned to reply his msg only on his day, was gan cheong dat I nv receive his greeting so he called me! Haha=) he's 4eva a day younger and one who's IC ends w 90G!

19. Xi! U rem!!!

20. Alex!

21. GY!

22. Lion Kor!

23. Qianyi!

24. Huilin!

25. Charms! U noe I was a bit =( coz I din receive ur sms and I tot u forgot! How silly of me... I noe u will nv! Screw e lousy phone service!

26. Wenting aka bf who sms to my old hp no! *aiyo*

27. Weixun who did e same as bf! hahaha

Apart from these, I received loads of greetings on FB and MSN. Thks so much for the blessed bday!

^.^ YY is a happy 20 yr old kid.

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