Friday, January 25, 2008
there was a time when i was chatting with ming... and somehow the topic came to qianyi. i rem telling ming that i feel that qianyi is a really lucky girl and there seems to be no obstructions in her life. ming said that she doesnt think so, and that e fact that qianyi seems to be lucky at all times was a matter of choice on her behalf. i didn't quite get it then... until today.

it's EEE night. a lot of ppl went and before that qianyi and some subcommers were putting flyers on the seats in NY audi. towards e end of e event, we're spose to sell tickets. and no one bought any... as expected. anyway we went back to the audi after packing up to collect e remaining flyers. as i was picking up e flyers (folded, torn and what-nots), i cant help but felt realli disappointed and miserable (esp when my nose is like a leaking tap). but qianyi juz hopped on and chirped on. it was then i began to see the light to wad ming said abt her.

being positive is a choice. it's a way of life, of viewing things using a different perspective and try to make the best out of everything, even if it's nothing. she juz pushed herself to do it. it's smtg called passion.

and i really admire that. it's amazing.
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