Sunday, December 16, 2007

commissioning parade 07

puppy, di and me! =)

woooo nice scene

navy uniform is damn nice... super nice. hanbao said he wants to buy one! hahaha damn nonsense!

went to commissioning parade on 15th dec... saw a lot of ppl. been a long time since we've met each other! oh yar before that we went JP to watch Warlords (and e most interesting thing abt it is tou1 ming1 zhuang1 itself...) then qing left for her Kangchow (which she's married to... I suspect) and the wild goose chase began. according to others, there's a shuttle bus that will ferry us to the camp BUT no one knew where it is! and it was raining! i was running ard the whole JP border with other guys AND im wearing a skirt and peep-toes which make movements troublesome (damnit!) anyway we gave up and went to take cab. when we reached there it dawned upon us that the shuttle bus awaits THERE at e entrance of e camp itself and NOT at the interchange! @#%$#^$^*

oh yar i realised i've quite a no. of friends in this commissioning parade. and there seems to be a lot of HC ppl ard! lots of familiar faces! this batch of officers are really high flyers! =D anyway took photos with di... and brother! =) cant find that stupid alex tam. haiz...

hahah although puppy and i dun have the buffet dinner pink tickets, we managed to negotiate with the person guarding the entrance and are allowed entrance x) heh it's indian food! cool!

oh yar saw xi as well! he was on duty. heh

congrats guys!
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