Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Finally i've set my mind to blog abt TPS Alumni Night Gathering.

Was forced to perform! Argh... so came up with a v short solo modern contemp. while wishing that everyone will look away and not watch my performance >.<>

Anyway got to see a lot of ppl whom I've nt met in yrs! Edwin, Geoffrey, Ben Low, Michelle, Doris... our gang nt counted coz we meet up occasionally, then Daphne, Luqman and Nasri always see them around... Haha it's interesting to be walking around the school, visiting our old classroom where we've lots of memories tgt, gasping at the bats outside the classroom (they're still there!), cam whoring and catching up on each other's lives... It was amazing.

I felt young again.

After the whole Alumni Night, we went coffee bean to chill and chat. Seriously when will we ever get such a chance to do dat again? It was smtg I cherish a lot.

That night, I was a real happy kid all over again.
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