Sunday, December 30, 2007
Am I not good enough to deserve your trust?
Am I not good enough to take care of myself?
Why is it that in your eyes, I'm always a bud, not prepared to blossom and fend for myself?
Why is it that if I want my freedom, I would have to formulate lies to satisfy your needless wishes and hopes?
Why is it that invisible leash always around, choking me as I struggle for my rights?
Why is it that others can stay out for as long as they like without having to implore?

Even if I go along with my own decisions without caring abt your denials, my love for you always create pangs of guilt within me. I would nv be able to enjoy to my heart's content.
I know I deserve your care and concern, but I believe I've done well enough to earn your trust and I believe I can take care of my basic needs.
Why not allow me to venture?
I'm gg 20 soon.
2 decades
1 yr to adulthood
Does that make a difference? Will that make a difference?

Sometimes I really envy Charms and her relationship with her mum. She can tell her EVERYTHING. They go gym tgt, diet tgt, shop tgt, laugh tgt, chat tgt. She's like a friend to Charms.

But you... You're a mum to me.
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