Tuesday, November 27, 2007
went K for 5 hrs at some teong heng place (at katong shopping centre) w shili, boon and biscuit. hahaha was really quite fun and enjoyable. but they cuiiiiiii v quickly sia. Shili kana synase... was acting damn emo. Boon suffered from prev. K exp + recent recovery from sore throat. Biscuit was just plain lazy. Ah well. I've more time to sing den ^.^ hahaha so im not complaining wor.

den went dinner... quite cheap eh dat place... food quite nice oso. pro pro i nv knew e existence of such a place! hahaha Astone if i'm not wrong. UPS leh... den went shopping w them. nv knew that guys do like shopping. 61 guys JUST gave me e wrong impression dat guys HATE shopping. bleahhhhhh lots of shirts with cool/cute prints were bought... and I managed to buy a shirt too. =) den went hm... think e guys went for supper or smtg ba...

UPS day sia... hahahaha thks for all e fun!
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