Sunday, November 18, 2007
Think I studied too much abt journalism and I actually had a nightmare of it.

In my dream, I was a journalist working for SPH (ahhhhhhhhhh!). As 5/6 of my colleagues broke the stringent rules on freedom of expression (the reasons? not stated in my dreams), they were captured by the police force/ISA. Then guess wad? Our editor plotted a RAID of the police station. Now that's newsworthy man. Omg... So we went along w the plan and succeeded! Charlene Chua was in my dream as one of the captured journalists! And she was secretly instructing me to leave a trace of evidence so that the police/ISA will know that it was the reporters who did it. And after that when we were back in the newsroom, the editor gave us our pay (which depends on the number of articles we wrote) and I had the LEAST (T.T) Sad case....

ALSO.... Before that, I recalled marrying to my 1st bf can!?

Talk abt stress and weird dreams... Close relation~
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