Sunday, November 18, 2007
had lunch with william today and we were talking abt CCAs. I was asking if he still holds much passion in band and he said that actually, it has become more of a habit than passion. So I continued to ask if dance is his new passion, and he said yes.

That sets me off reflecting abt myself...

I've always wanted to venture other fields of dance. Chinese dance to me, like it is to william, has become more like a habit rather than passion. Or rather, perhaps for my case, I do it coz im good at it. It seems to me like... a couple's love. Ascending, reach a climax, marriage, descending till stabilization. Love has waned while habit and need set in.

I doubt I can wait till end of uni to experience new fields. I want to do it while I've e chance and energy to. Not when I've graduated and face the realities of working life.

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