Thursday, November 22, 2007


OMG… honestly it’s been a long time since I’ve been so truly happy! Watched 2 movies in less than a day’s time! One was Enchanted… Watched with Trice, Crystal Chopstick, Kevin, Edmund and Eileen. The other was The Girl Who Leapt Through Time… watched on dvd back at home. AND YES! I’M BACK HOME! AFTER 9 DAYS OF CAMPING IN HALL! *Squeals* à That is… If I’ve the voice… >.<>

Let’s talk abt The Girl Who Leapt Through Time… Always a fan of jap anime… And this show is simply good. Very meaningful. Shan’t put e synopsis here. But well shall elaborate why I think it’s good. The girl gained this special ability of leaping through time. So she can actually turn back time and try her best to repair/make up for her mistakes. Initially she though it’s fun and cool. However, the aunt advised her not to use it so extravagantly. In the end, she realized that those are words of wisdom. Sometimes, we may regret and drown ourselves with “wad ifs”… but you’ll see lil point in doing so after you’ve watched this movie and thought abt it. Let’s say if you’ve done some stupid things and landed yourself in some trouble, you desire for a time turner so that you can return and mend the mistake. However, things might not end up as smoothly as you thought it’ll be. In fact, it might implicate others. And assuming that we’re all nice ppl, I’m sure we’ll feel remorseful and sorry for the person/ppl we’ve implicated as ultimately, we’re spose to be e ones in the shit, and not him/her/them.

We all have different resolutions to different problems. That’s why we’re known as human- we’re assumed to be more intelligent and resourceful.

Time waits for no one.

If you’ve lose him/her, that’s it. Maybe both of you just don’t belong together.

It’s just smtg call… Fate.

Enchanted. My goodness it’s a great movie. I’ve not been so genuinely happy in a long while. It’s a very magical fairytale story taking place in real life settings. That’s wad make the movie so lovely. The msg I got from the movie is that such magical stuff COULD take place in e real world. Nothing is impossible. It’s just whether it’s e right time and e right person. The musical at the park was hilarious omg… haha

Imagination may not get you out of your problems. But it can carry you away for a break…

That’s why I treasure it so much.

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