Sunday, October 07, 2007
COM 203 is on tv and cinema now. Felt that i'm really more able to relate to this than any other modules. Or perhaps it's e lecturer's ability to engage? I dunno... but this really captures my interest. Particularly in local movie productions now.

Well gotten the file from Cheryl and watched on tue night with Trice. It's my first time watching a full local production. And it's good. It changes my perspective of local movies. Ppl like us will nv have a chance to really interact and even come by gangsters like those featured in 15. Roystan Tan is simply trying to remind us that there ARE ppl like them in Spore and that Spore is not as perfect as she appears to be. Dysfunctional families, druggies, suicide and self-inflict torture are some of the dark issues that seem inconceivable to the fortunate us.

I've no idea why (perhaps it's you...) that I found myself particularly able to relate to Armani (apart from the fact that he's cute T.T). The scenes when he self-inflicted pain and when he teared on the bus... Make me sympathize with him a lot. I felt really sorrowful and actually felt like consoling him. They're gangsters, yes, undeniably. But all they need is a light to guide them out of the darkness that they're soaked in currently. All they wanted, is care and concern. But all they have now, is brotherhood. Lost of own identity and lack of genuine support cause them to lose their way. If only there were ppl there to help them...

If only
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