Friday, September 07, 2007
Trice went home on thurs... Coz she needs to give tuition on fri. =( Thk goodness dear yanthong came over to accompany me while I'm bathing. =D Thks dear. Date every thurs night k? heh

tried to finish my sociology reading ytd... slept at 4am! Pig! Distracting kp on watching videos. I've totally broken my record. And the best has yet to come. I DIDN'T EVEN MANAGE TO FINISH IT. Pls crown me the slackest person on earth who procrastinates every single thing in life. Thks.

Anyway didn't know that Biscuit slept at 4 as well... Accomplishing a grand total of 3 tutorial qns. Good job Biscuit. We can be the best procrastinators. T_T Met up w him after lesson and he was DAMN FUNNY LAR. The way he walked (apparently he suffered from muscle ache from trng e day b4) up and down the stairs really tickles me. Use yoko yoko lar goodness!

Went to his room and forced him to play guitar... and teach me how to play qing tian. MY FAV! I love the starting of qing tian. It's not easy to play guitar. Fingers pain from pressing the chords. Kinda weird to put it on my lap as well. Tried to play it like Gu Zheng. Super funny. Sang along while he played some songs. Very fun. Played for abt 3 hrs then went to pack my stuff. Haha SP and Biscuit! One day u all better pay "taxi" fees ah. hahaha jking lar jking. SP help me print notes and Biscuit! I want apple!!! =P very nice!

Oh shall include this coz I'm real proud of it. Managed to survive 3 days consecutively with only 1 meal per day. Excluding apples and guava and papya and salad. =)

Think i return home for real proper meals. hehz.

*Yawns* I'm dead tired. I NEED TO DO SOMETHING.

Mon: COM 203 quiz. 10 MCQ.
Wed: Sociology group essay.
Thurs: French quiz.

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