Tuesday, September 18, 2007

05s61 @ MAF 07

Class photo! *photo photo... photo photo*

HCCD *only 5 ppl... =(
Zhiyong and Hanbao *candid shot

KK *wad's with e constipated look? I know prelims is here but pls SMILE*

Ruihong Kor *wad are u doing?! stop acting zhuai/cool/coy! SHOW UR FACE!*

yyyx3 *hey we did this for last yr's MAF too! =D*

pretty deco @ HC

Woah... the lights! =D

Candid shot of xuet, ning, apple, bai

yyyy *wad's with ur face? huh huh huh? v hard on u ah? >.<
Smtg to note. NO ONE from our grand jnr class went for MAF 07 can? How pathetic is dat?! And only 5 turned up from our jnr class? OMG... wad's with e erosion of class spirit and HC culture? Our class had the highest turn up even though gals are off at uni and guys are off at NS. JIA LAT SIA...
haiz... flu again. Head throbbing... =(

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