Friday, August 17, 2007


Home sweet home... Finally I felt that I do miss home.

I miss my darling Neko so much! Thank goodness he still recognises me... Ok I'm bias. Didn't really make it a point to cover up for it. I always love Neko more than I do for Mistletoe... Fate? Maybe...

Watched secret on tue... It's such an impactful movie. I've never felt so moved by a movie. Or perhaps it's been a long time since I last visited a cinema? Hahaha or maybe it's because it's JAY CHOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE JAY CHOU! Feel that the female lead is not pretty enough eh... Hms I shld really try to be less looks oriented >.<

I've been changing electives. Dropped chi and took up sociology instead. Told mum and she was reprimanding/nagging me. Why? Why did u drop chinese? She just doesn't know that it's YY's propensity to fall asleep during chinese. Haiz... Unless it's Huang Lao's lesson? No one beats him man... I miss his lessons too...

Xiaoyou came over to hall 2 to visit meeeeeeee.... ok i shan't be so self centered. She came NTU to visit like everyone she knows lar. Lion kor even asked her to join us for bball! Hahaha oh yar it's inter block game ytd! Spose to be inter block lar... but apparently few gals turned up. So we played randomly. Trice is damn zai seh... After that Trice (my roomie) and I went running. Damn shuang eh. It's damn strange too. Never in the world will i ever initiate a run... Well but that was history. Coz I've initiated running TWICE! hahaha break record! >.<

Been quite slack eh. Nv do any mugging at all. And no projects to do also. So really slack ard... Oh 'cept for e rushing for lessons part. Damn hiong man...

The amount of pixels in this empty area is how much i'm gonna miss you...

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