Friday, August 24, 2007


Ok finally I am able to log on blogspot and blog with my account.
Well I'm still in my hall now... Wah quite jia lat. Honestly there's loads of readings to be done for all my courses. Others seem to be struggling with tutorials and I've to struggle myself with readings. But the thing is that for tutorials at least you'll be more motivated to do smtg? But for readings I'm seriously procrastinating like nobody's business.

Goodness. Turn me into a mugger someone!

Anyway Trice (my roomie) and I were a lil freaked out ytd by dat mysterious puddle of water which appeared in the middle of our room suddenly. When we went for lessons in the morning, it wasn't there. When we came back in the afternoon, it was there and we searched high and low for a probable source but there's simply none. The ceiling was dry, the bathroom was dry... it's just dat area! We're perplexed honestly... Personally I feel that it's scarier if someone actually is able to enter our room. The other time we had some brochures being placed nicely in the middle of our desks when we came back and we were like staring at each other for seconds. Haiz talk abt privacy...

We need guys for chinese dance! ah!

Oh I was finally able to print my notes... Thks a lot to pig. Dunno why I wasnt able to print those previous times I tried. But I realised now that I still have like loads of notes to print. -_- feel like crying man...

Ms nur and fish! let's watch movie! =D

I dun wanna give tuition this week eh... Shag. Need to do some catching up with my work as well. And Seb just ended his CA... Shall propose to his parents later. But need to go to di's place le... Very long nv see him. Hope he's not slacking

Let's see... 3rd wk is ending... And I still got lost. Just this morning, Biscuit gave me the wrong info and I went to north spine instead of south spine. Nice. Had to rush all the way to south spine instead. I hope that next week onwards I won't lose my way anymore. Hope.

Sociology tutorial is quite interesting. I like it interative. At least I wont fall asleep (or perhaps the caffeine is setting in) Woah our tutorial teacher is damn hip lar. He doesnt look like a prof at all. Hip is e word. Looks like he can do hiphop! =D

The whole world is talking abt supper. Is hall really all abt going out and have supper and gaining weight? Hahahaha... oops. Anyway socialise lor socialise. There's this Zi Char Uncle thingy which we got to noe of. Supper just an sms away! sounds perfect for lazy souls like me. Maybe I will order someday when I wun feel guilty abt eating after 9 plus...

Went running ytd! Real glad man. I went running again! 4th time! uphill is madness... Woah... Hopefully I'll be able to kp up with it and make it a habit to run twice per week. Stamina! This week only dance once... =( haha shant complain lar.... It's definitely gonna get xiong.

I wanna go home!

I miss my darling!



How're you now? I know you'll probably be real busy. Everything just kicked into action for you. Really hope that you're able to adapt to everything quickly and socialise successfully. Knowing my Lu, I'm sure you're able to do it. The next time you come back, make sure you still know how to speak chinese yar? =P Oh I'm typing this in real prim and proper english so that hopefully I'm able to knock smtg into you. Haha actually I'm not sure if you'll be reading this. Just hope that everything turns out well for you.

<ŸŸ> so often we gaze longingly at doors that are closed and refuse to take a step into open doors...

That's my msn nick now... And it's for you, dear.

Muster some courage, take a step forward.
Miss your experience within the closed doors, but don't live in it.
Live by it. Live with it.

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