Friday, August 10, 2007
Almost 1 week since hall camp ended... School has kicked start for all of us now...

Hall camp is fun... Hall 2 has a lot of interestingly dirty traditions indeed. I mean literally dirty, pls dun get me wrong. What with covering the freshies with starch, pasta sauce, cheese, biscuit crumbs from head to toe, forming human pyramid upslope in the midst of mud (I forgot the mention of the cover sheet, but it really doesn't help too much), forcing the guys to eat celery (yucks) chilli padi and worst, roaches. OMG... Eunice is right, cac is mild in comparison.

Mon was Hall bash. Wah happening. Got bit too high really. Gonna be a long time that I'm gonna club really. Tue went K at Partyworld with CAC ppl. We're damn onz lar. Wed stayed all alone in 2 rooms coz there's dance on Thurs morning. 4 hrs dance gave me a shoulder ache which persists till now. Went Ikea and Giant with family. Today I went to see Doc coz I fell sick. Ticklish at throat and phlegm which i cant force out.

I'm missing 61 so much... I'm missing HC so much...
07 National Day passed like any other normal day. Without HC and 61, this is what becomes of National Day. National Day was made special and unique with celebrations in HC with ur very own class.

I miss being a real student who has to put on uniform and carry loaded school bag everyday.
I miss wearing sport shoes daily.
I miss having a class.
I miss singing the national anthem daily and school songs on wed.
I miss the HC bridge and the fact that we've to turn around to sing songs and say pledge.
I miss Mr Tan taking morning attendance. (woah)
I miss breaking the rules by wearing shortened skirt and blouses with a hidden band at e rim.
I miss being super early for lectures (61 is really funny)
I miss not doing tutorials and trying to hide from teachers.
I miss falling asleep during lectures/tutorials.
I miss gossip sessions which took place whenever possible, including lecture/tutorial time.
I miss laughing out loud at stupid lame things ppl say randomly, esp Hanbao and North.
I miss ogling at shuai/cute guys (though they're super limited) with the gals.
I miss singing at the top of my voice with Daughter Qing during Math tutorials.
I miss Mrs Boo (math tchr) praising our voices. =)
I miss Mr Tan asking us to lower our volume when singing.
I miss playing cards after GP lesson at the highest level corner classroom on Wed.
I miss the game of 7
I miss LEP lessons esp the times when we're under tremendous stress as we've to regurgitate lines from Tea House for Wang Lao.
I miss laughing at ppl.
I miss being laughed at.
I miss e guys calling me Indian and Ting calling me Mian4 Bao1 Chao1 Ren2 (all the derogatory terms... woah. I cant imagine wad will happen at the next gathering... laughs)
I miss e endless mugging sessions at Qing's lion dance room, lib, class benches, study room...
I miss e toliet cubicle at third level which has a missing toliet seat and looks like a smiling toliet.
I miss wearing jacket and sleeping in all the rooms/places where we've our mugging sessions.
I miss going out to shop after exams or simply for a break.
I miss loitering around the school aimlessly.
I miss having a form teacher.
I miss our pure friendship.
I miss mass eating sessions whenever possible. Even during recess/break time.
I miss the all chinese-speaking environment.
I miss the fact that we all don't care abt how ppl look at us.
I miss random photo taking sessions.
I miss e guys discussing physics qn... Even though I really loathe physics.
I miss my dancers... our rants and laughs and slacking ard...
I miss GJY and our crazy doing of Da Tiao across e central plaza.
I miss singing all e HC songs...
I miss jumping up the step and crossing the field to TCHS side every monday for assembly (albeit having the horrendous exp of tearing my skirt while doing so)
I miss running and faking finished rounds.
I miss small group tuition with Ms Tan and few others.
I miss Ning for going all kinds of ad hoc activities with me.

All in all, I feel that I just dun wanna grow up.
But I dun have a choice.

Give me time... I will...
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