Tuesday, July 17, 2007
CS camp is seriously great clean fun. Love it.
Mee Kias Rocks!
Shld have expected that this is a very angmoh course but was pleasantly surprised that some appreciate Chinese songs as well! And I found new Kbox mates!
Well basically I love anyone who spends money to go Kbox to GET HIGH =D
Shan't post the best details in blog. Well let's just say that CS has a lot of interesting juicy traditions *winks*
Class schedule is out... It's a bit messy though. I wonder who's in my tut. grp... One thing that is great abt it.
Free Friday! *pun intended*
The unique "souvenir" I obtained from the camp is... Recovering. But still not in any form of pretty state. Weak hearted may suffer from slight hyperventilation if they happened to catch sight of it. >.<>

Let's see if I can rem everyone in my OG... Ziliang, Amanda, Rai, Kelvin (OGLs and AGLs), Cheryl, Joan Lim, Joannie, Christine, Mad, Eileen, Evelyn, Debby, Rachel, Kiahei, Joycelyn, Giam, Jinyong (Juicy), Chun Leen (chun li, t-rex), Clarence, Edmund, Weixun, Ji En (Quan2), Celine, Kerrie... Sry to Jac and Lyndsey. Cant rem without referring... >.<>

Cheryl is the prettiest girl in the OG (in my context) and she's one who loves chi oldies and kboxing. Very adorable girl. Joan Lim has an infectious laughter which I love a lot. Super ultra cute. Joannie is my FN partner... Poor dear. I'm here ok? =D. Christine is a crazy nut. Serious. Blessed with a natural sense of humour. And she's a model. woah~ Mad is the 1st person i know in the OG. She's one of my acquaintances in NY and HC. Eileen is one of my roomies and she's v nice =) Evelyn is a nice quiet girl. Debby has a baby face and I feel that it's good isn't it? =) Rachel is a rara girl and she has a nice voice! Do u K? Kiahei is the Dao3 Yan3 who loves clubbing. Joycelyn is another super rara girl with loud voice and a happening nature. Giam is the one with rebonded hair and we've been sharing our exp. >.<>

Yups that's abt it... Haiz I wish I can go to CAC camp now... >.< fate
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