Saturday, July 28, 2007
came back from camp.
gg for hall camp next week.
happening mans...

cac camp was fun. OG's name is Maecia. Organisation may not be as good as CS camp... but my OG mates rock.

Feijuan (my Faye) is a CS gal too! My fellow school mate! Love her she's mine! Joannie is Faye's roomie cum best friend and we're the banana gals... love the song, love singing with her. Shimin is my sleeping partner... We woke up at almost the same time on that fateful night. *haiz dun remind me...* Corine is the one blessed with natural cuteness. She's a real bubbly and innocent gal. Amy is the sexy baby, my fellow dancer. We're gonna go for MJ tryouts tgt! Wu Juan is fellow HC gal! Gosh I've nv seen her ard even though her class bench is adjacent to ours. She's a real crazy nut w slow response... how did u get ur As!? x) Wanling is the loud gal with a storage of cold jokes and riddles. Ming Feng is another rara one with a loud voice which went wrong on the last day due to excess shouting. His cold jokes may perhaps be the next cure/resolution to global warming. Jingchu aka Ru Hua aka Anything has many nicknames as I was his "make-up artist" and FN partner. It was fun lar Anything, Wadeva enjoyed herself =) Genevieve is the quiet gal who looks better w/o specs... Like me! heh and Kyler is a fellow dancer too! She clubs. And we were all shocked as she has a guai gia look. Chen Guan (Xi) is the artist and the one with the 80 bucks chain. Give me the chain lar! It's nice lor. Wen Ting is the nut who's gonna study physics and I was like YUCKS. He has this HK actor face but I cant rem the name of the actor... I'll tell u next time yar? Ivan is the one who highly resembled someone 61ners know... really high resemblance.

Now to seniors.
4.8 aka Federick and Zhiliang are fellow HC ppl! =D yays and they're very nice and friendly. Of course, that's a sign of HC ppl. Eunice aka Qiwen is the fake freshie planted in our group and she's definitely there coz of her daintiness. Oh my isn't she a petite lil doll? Real adorable. Shuwen is the mummy of the grp. Well what're the most significant characteristics of a mummy? We all know. Joanne is the water provider with a nice phone! I want!!!!!

Oh there's this SP thingy. Met my SP only on the night itself. Felt damn weird at first lar... but after that it was fine. He's easy to talk to. =) embarked on my 2nd clubbing trip. ok lar I thought it was better than the first. Perhaps it's all NTU ppl... and there's no smoke. I felt safer. It was fun to dance. Steering away from C. dance u noe...

super super funny fun fun game... our OG adores this game completely.
It gets us SUPER HIGH.
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