Sunday, June 17, 2007

61 gathering


61 gathering! =)

started out as a rainy day. and mum kept on and on nagging, asking me not to go. cmon lar. this has been planned and laid out long ago. how can i nt go? so waited at mrt for them. started out as a small group. then gradually more came. like bees to honey. hahaha.

but obviously someone was not in a good mood. and i was a bit affected at first. but it wore off.
i understand.


anyways it was still drizzling. went there guys set up tents and girls went to play swing. haha fun. ns really changes guys. that's great! =) same thing for bbq! before ns i think we girls will be doing the job. >.<

it was real fun playing indian poker and truth or dare. kana once with rong and hugged the pillar like koala bear. funny mans. mei kana skipping around playground area shouting im so happy. hanbao kana gg over to the bbq pit next to ours and doing 10 push ups. qing and xi had to go over to the same kid in red and say "i want to play!" hahaha damn funny. very interesting indeed.

left 61 to go home. it was then i realised that im tired.
will nv grow tired with you ppl ard... =)
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