Thursday, May 17, 2007

when blogger was down...


hybrid zone (century square)- solar clock (cat in a bucket!) on 7/3/07--> $9.60
HK Cha Can Ting (TM)- treated mum and dad to almond milk tea, pork floss tofu and porkchop ndlsoup set on 3/3/07-->$17.33
beauty language (harbourfront centre)- lip gloss on 10/2/07--> $9.50
sakae teppanyaki (century square)- treated mum, dad and kao to chicken set, garlic beef roll, 2 garlic rice, assorted veg on 25/3/07--> $44.93
haagen dazs (TM)- single waffle cone!--> $4.70
mini toons(TM)- present--> $24.95
the coffee bean and tea leaf (century square)- vanilla IB--> $5.30
NYDC (wheelock place)- 1 roast chicken, 1 jedi mudster (dinner cum movie date w charms!)--> $27.60
mitju (amk hub)- white shoes w ribbons! =( ribbons dropped!--> $23.10
starbucks (TM)- mocha frap--> $6.20

TM and century square... of course lar i work near there mahs...
anyway i was clearing my wallet so i found all these receipts. just thought of recording it down. blogger down seh. =(


as u all see. money is not such a big issue.
to me, it's not a sensitive issue at all.
and i din noe that you'll give me this reaction.
i was really shocked and hurt when you said all that.
but i know you're frustrated too.
so i put that aside and thought abt it.
i havent recovered.
but you and her stayed up there doing lightings while the entire audi is waiting for not just u all, but us.
us, as a whole dance alumni.
i was really frustrated as we tried asking u all to come down for thrice and yet u all ignored.
is it really impossible to come down for abt 3 min just to go thru once w the music?
isnt the dance more impt than the lightings?

am i really that insensitive?

im sry.
but im really tired and stressed.
if u dun want me to joke anymore, then i shant

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