Friday, May 25, 2007
today is my last day.

and i cant believe it. i cried.

coz i tot i won't. was playing with them at the park for e last 1 hour. everything was fine and i was having a great time too. but when i brought them up and lined them up to go home, and when it's e last time i'm bringing them down the stairs, i just felt that i couldn't control myself anymore. just cried. i think they were bit taken aback.

really feel that i'll miss them. no matter what, this is e first class i've taught. and i've so many joys in the class. i hope that they won't be too affected by the change in tchrs.

on one hand, i hope they will forget me asap and get used to the tchr asap.

on e other, i hope that they'll nv forget me...

because i know that i'll nv forget them.

half e yr gone... just like that.

isn't it scary?
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