Monday, May 28, 2007

sci dept end-of-term cum farewell dinner

byebye TPS!

My second departure.

They really make me not so scared of working now. Because they've been such nice colleagues! Always helping the blur sotong out whenever she's in need of any reminders (constant reminders) abt anything. Really really really thankful that I've such wonderful colleagues. Although I can sense there's some politics gg on ah... which i dun think im able to adapt yet... but still it's nice. School has little politics le... That's wad Kao said.

Received a nicey nice Swatch watch from them! So super nice! Damn pretty... They say I got wad... rugged look can fit the removable tattoos which are also included in the set (strangely... Swatch ideas) got lizard and flower. very science. =D

haiz... how will uni life be?

btw confirmed le...

NTU mass comm.
dorm mate: Beatrice

Damn fated. Just when xiu said she cant be my dorm mate, Beatrice sms me to ask if got any good recommendations for room mates, so I'm available lor.

still must scold.

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