Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Are you smiling?

When is the last time you met someone new?
recently met quite a no. of new ppl. students counted yar?

What is irritating you right now?

When did you last eat pizza?
last fri

Do you drink beer?

Do you have any friends who are famous?
among e circle, yar.

Are you any good at poker?
no. dai dee not right?

What do you want?
marking machine

Are you tired?
wad do u think?

Last spoken words you heard?
daddy's gonna beat u up (my mistletoe...)

Have you ever kissed anyone named John?
my cat is neko!

Besides your bed, what is your favorite thing in your room?

Pepsi or Coke?
no diff le...

Did you ever throw up?
who nv throw up b4?

Did you ever throw up while kissing someone?

Who is the last person you hugged?

Are you restless?
nt really... for now.

Is your computer a laptop?

Are you allowed to stay up later than 10pm on a weeknight?
i've nv slept b4 10

How many xanga views do you have?
wad's xanga?

Want to be a princess?
can be prince? nv much of a princess

Do you believe dreams come true?

Last song you heard?
I believe

Do you like Batman?

Who is in the room with you?
no one

Who's house did you go to last night?
my hse

Who was the last person you told you love them?

What was the last thing you ate?
cai4 fan4

What were you doing before this?
watching tv

What is the closest item near you that is blue?
windows. i mean comp windows.

What are you wearing on your feet?
dirt and dust

What instant messaging service do you use?

What is your favorite website?
no pref.

What are your fav. pair of shoes?
white shoes. but the ribbon dropped! =(

What do you wear more, jeans or sweatpants?

What is the last movie you watched?
meet the robinsons

What do you currently hear right now?
HK news song

When did you last buy a new pair of pants?

When did you last take a shower?

Where’s your favorite place to be?

Where is your mom?
living room

Where do you sleep?

Where do you shop the most?
TM and Century Sq

Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
this fashion

Why did you pick your background?
pretty and artistic

Are you happy with where you live?

Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok?

Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
unless it's a white lie or smtg?

Have you ever talked about marriage with someone before?
yar. my gfs lar.

Do you want someone you can't have?
if it's someone i can't have then how do i want him/her? no anyway.

Do you believe love at first sight?

Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?

Do you believe that you can change someone?

Would you ever consider getting engaged or married right after school?

obviously this person here is so tired until go do this kinda bo liao thing.
bathe, then mark, again.
went NUS sheares hall to use Joyce's place for dance. it's nice. but e floor is super filthy. SUPER.
dob: 11-02-1988
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city: singapore