Tuesday, April 24, 2007
wah. this is the first time when I felt that I'm about to faint.
Was suppose to be on MC... same illness, same medicine.
I thought it was fine for me to come.
But it's not.
Tue is my longest rest"less" day. And i've supp class all the way to 3.30pm.
I was explaining water cycle. And suddenly, I can't see anything and had to sit down.
The class was like "HURH..." and after a while, they still talk, though softer.
Only sensible kids like Amiruldin, Sabrina etc really helped me out.

I told them that I'm suppose to be on MC today. But I came for them.
One of the MINAHs actually questioned my presence. She said why not get another relief tchr.
Obviously I was irritated and sick, so I said ok np from tml onwards i will not take ur class.
Amiruldin was like OEI...*scolded her smtg in malay* then he said "cher cher dun care her she dun want then she go the other class we still want u"

I noe dat gal is juz joking. but they always dunno when to joke and when to not. today I must thank Amiruldin a lot for brightening up my day...

If only my class was less happening...................

a no. of them asked if i'm gg after june. i just told them that it's not confirmed yet.
they kp on saying dat they want me to stay till e end.
but they'll nv learn how to treasure.
if a new tchr is taking over e class for e next half of e yr, im sure he/she will regret on his/her decision to enter teaching career.

good luck to u, whoever u r. Will give u some mental preparation de.

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