Thursday, March 01, 2007


ytd was horrible man. super long and tiring day. i can feel my head throbbing. and my dark eye rings were really super obvious. damn tired! and i still need to take care of my 38 xiao guas.

i always smile with relief and happiness when i see the few of the boys volunteering and wanting to take care of him. one of them even said to another boy that he's sorry that he can't play with him coz he needs to take care of him. that is super sweet. and when i asked them to help, they always say no problem we'll take care of him. =)

Thank you Hansel, Bruce, Jaren and Arnold.

tml. omg. tml.


just gotten my dance results. just hope that As will be as good as my dance results. heh blab a bit lar im the only thirteenth grader who got Outstandinhg. =) hehz

tml... my mum's bdae dad's inauguration day and a lvl day.

u dunno how much i hope for everything to be great and successful.
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